Mindfulness based art activates the expressive mind and offers the opportunity to practice self-expression in a safe environment. We can learn the mindful skills of mental focus, relaxation, being present and taking a new perspective through a variety of art activities. Mindful art teaches the ability to reset one’s emotions and establish emotional regulation.

Learning to consciously choose our expression helps to integrate these skills into our daily lives. The student or client artist learns how to choose what is right for oneself, and how to discern what to accept and what to discard. Mindful communication is based in this.

This workshop includes:

  • –an overview of the 8 principles of mindful art
  • –the 3 stages of Mindfulness Based Art
  • –experiential introduction to mindfulness practices
  • –experiential introduction to mindful art


Margaret Callahan is a Halifax-based senior mindfulness teacher and artist, who specializes in Mindfulness Based Education programs. She has taught and consulted in high school art programs and developed a Mindfulness Based Art Therapy (MBAT) training program. Margaret leads mindfulness art retreats internationally. She brings many years of experience in innovative treatment approaches within the fields of art therapy and mindfulness education to her work. She completed the traditional three-year meditation retreat at Gampo Abbey, Nova Scotia.  She has presented her work on Mindfulness-Based Art at international conferences and published a curriculum she developed for high school teachers and counselors, “Mindfulness Based Art: The Sparks Guide for Educators and Counselors.”

Margaret is known for her warmth and humor and for the accessibility and depth of her teaching. She paints and offers open studio groups at her studio on the Atlantic Coast of Nova Scotia. You can see her work at www.mindfulnessbasedart.com.

Please indicate your top three workshop choices on your registration form.  You will be attending two 90-minute workshops in the afternoon as part of the Mindfulness in Education Symposium.

Super Early Bird: $125 (Before Feb. 22)
Early Bird: $175 (Feb. 23 – Feb. 28)
Regular: $250 (March 1 – March 9)

March 17 @ 13:00
1:00 pm — 2:30 pm (1h 30′)

Workshop Room

Margaret Callahan